Monday, 31 May 2010


Matt'll be happy... more appearances by my beloved hand-warmers! This is all I ever do btw.

Saturday, 29 May 2010


lol. so I said I was gonna do a small comic everyday? I ended up forgetting. on day three. FAIL. But my reason is that I had to completely re-start a drawing I'd already speant about 8 hours on... so I think I'm allowed. I'm so pleased with the re-do, I knew in the first one that the composition wasn't quite right, but this is SO much better... and yes, there are SOME original features to the characters... but the Tin man is always one of those that annoys me - he's HEARTLESS, so why is he always so sensitive? makes no sense to me... plus, I like the robotic thing... I still love drawing the scarecrow - just cause I don't have to worry about limbs and proportions... and my lion? he looks like a scared puppy :P

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

less than good.

Yeah. A Baaaaaaad morning. But I'm really fed up of my self-pity now, SO more on my comics! And to go with it? Back to Back episodes of Pushing Daisies - I really like it, it's kinda kitsch but rather amusing and ever-so sweet. It's also got me craving pie.


Monday, 24 May 2010


Oh my gosh. I was so touched. This really made my day. As I keep saying!! I'm actually planning to draw a comic a day for the next week or so to see how I'm gonna cope and hopefully keep my moral up. I'm loosing interest, but I know that if I start drawing my own comics again, I'll be a bit happier (and I'll try and keep my moaning to a minumum!) x

Sunday, 23 May 2010

An old piece.

I did this Collage when I was 15... and I've still got it?! And I still think it's pretty good?! whoa. I need to do what I was doing then. which was use art as an escape. Now it's what I have to do. So it's my frustration. *sigh* ah well. If you haven't seen this film. Then do so, it's hillarious. And if you haven't already, check out my other blog theozcomics cause I've spent the last week drawing the most recent five pages!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The 28th of April's Birthday

this was supposed to have been posted sometime last week. But I was being lazy. so here it is! My actual birthday. those three days were a combination of lots of tiny things that acumilated into one of my most favourite birthdays, thanks to everyone who made them so special! I'll be working on getting some text onto the Marvallous Land of Oz Comic, I've managed a whole new two and a half pages... so fingers crossed they'll be posted tonight or tomorrow! x

Sunday, 16 May 2010


So... I know I've been rubbish recently - but only cause I've been lazy, i do have a couple of comics to upload, and I am still working on the graphic novel (of which you can preveiw before) with my poorly face. I've had a bit of a rough day, ended up in A&E this morning with crippling stomach pains... turns out to be a really glamorous Infection.... so I'm pilled up and have spent today in bed watching rubbish relaity tv in bed. I'm hoping I'll feel better tomorrow and can attack life with a whole load of motivation... but right now? I'm gonna read the Scott Pilgrim series again and leave you with this tit-bit!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


I have very talented friends - lol. I have MATCHING knit wear now! :P My good friend amy knitted me this beautiful shawl, and it the texture just worked so well with this blog entry by Josephine... I now have 5 postcard designs! (yes! only 5!)

Monday, 3 May 2010

my 100th post.

So....... I came up with the idea of for each different piece of writing submitted to me, I could do a whole range of different products to suit my illustration needs. (God bless the internet!) so yet another Josephine Piffero blog entry that I have illustrated, if you've noticed the colour theme, that they're all related! - I'm getting these printed as a postcard set, and because I can't order less than 20, I'm up for some sort of trade!? (once I've got them printed of course)

I'm gonna be getting little badges and maybe some posters/t-shirts done too... to got with a book and website concept. It's kinda expanded in my brain since I last came to it!

And go me! my 100th post! x


more words from the talented Josephine Piffero, Illustrated by me.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

A Change?

I REALLY shouldn't be thinking about this sort of thing, let alone even DRAWING about it... (whoops) but I've got three months ahead of me just continuing with my university projects... I don't particularly get a summer... so I'm Indulging myself with some character based comic book ideas... Especially as I have an actual job interview next week for a work placement year within a boarding school mentoring/supervising and teaching. It's Jammy!

I love characters. Possibly thinking of a haunting? Need some original twist to it though... Think; Mallory Towers meets Ghostbusters, meets skins... but if that's the case, I need to get better at writing!

(my university mock interview went really well by the way! I got an A- and I'm especially proud of this because I had half the time of everyone else, The tutor the day before SLATED my portfolio, and the company and tutor I was supposed to see got swapped last minute, so all my research was redundant. - as i said. PROUD.)

:D soooo.... yeah. The drawing I posted earlier is a print for a project I'm setting up as a final outcome - remember the 'get your words out' mini comic I did... It's being DEVELOPED as we speak into something of incredible beauty!

In Deep

words by Josephine piffero, handwarmers by Helen Hawkes and illustrated by me.