Monday, 3 May 2010

my 100th post.

So....... I came up with the idea of for each different piece of writing submitted to me, I could do a whole range of different products to suit my illustration needs. (God bless the internet!) so yet another Josephine Piffero blog entry that I have illustrated, if you've noticed the colour theme, that they're all related! - I'm getting these printed as a postcard set, and because I can't order less than 20, I'm up for some sort of trade!? (once I've got them printed of course)

I'm gonna be getting little badges and maybe some posters/t-shirts done too... to got with a book and website concept. It's kinda expanded in my brain since I last came to it!

And go me! my 100th post! x


  1. Congratulations on 100 posts! Keep going with your awesome self! :D

    I'd love a trade! I'm working on getting some mini-comics printed up.

  2. Congrats, Miss Nash. You're an art makin', blog postin' machine!

  3. Yay, 100! A stellar number. Loving your posts!