Saturday, 19 June 2010


So alot happend yesterday, and I plan to make a epic-ly long comic (for me anyway) to try and vent some of my usual angst (surprise surprise) Unfortunately I've got to start a new sketch book, as I filled my other one with so many pictures of my face, but the only one I've go is the one I took to last Octobers MCM Expo (a pretty big convention) where I interveiwed the likes of Mark Ellerby, Adam Cadwell and Lizz Lunney for my dissertation/essay. This sketchbook contains an original Cadwell as he drew me my own little April holding an itty bitty dictaphone - cause I took him a MASSIVE bottle of Vimto (That's right. I'm a hardcore fan) so to mark this new stage, I thought I'd share it with you today as a nice start - apologies for my tired face, I've had 2 hours sleep and a 4 and a half hour commute today... I'm vay tired.

Until tomorrow night probably xxxx


  1. Cool momento - you should frame it!

  2. April, you look beautiful even tired... love the pic! the eyes especially! You're so good!

  3. lol. I didn't draw it! :P so I cannot take the credit! :) Robin, if you haven't already, check out - and awww. *blushes*

  4. I love the Everyday! Really sad that he's ending it. I wonder, will you post that interview/dissertation? Sounds like a good 'un.

    Keep up the great work - your comics and illustrations are always keen!

  5. Adorable! Both of you!

    It amazes me that he drew that for you at a convention. He went right at it in ink with no pencil lines or anything? That would've taken me, like, an hour.

    Good luck with the new beginning to your sketchbook.

  6. to King: I never thought about posting it... I guess I could? that... or make it into a COMIC (Ponders) my dissertation isn't that great, I just rave about the scene, but the interveiws might be interesting to read for others... I'll get on about asking their permission!

    To Matt: he penciled it first, then inked using a couple of different pens including a brush - took him about 15 minutes I think? I was chatting to Marc at this point and refraining from buying WAY too many things... x