Wednesday, 15 September 2010



  1. I love how everyone in your recent comics have been "Mr." and "Miss." It's like you're in some sort of very polite cult ;) Thanks for posting an autobio strip (I hope you don't get in trouble... or did you find a way around your concerns?).

  2. I'm allowed to draw about 'us' (the Gaps) 'cause we're all adults and as long as I keep the name of the kids and school out of it I'm fine! (if I use any of them, I'll change it about a bit to keep their identity's secret!) we're all Mr and Miss because that's what the kids have to call us, and on discussion we found it really funny, so it stayed! :D It was just quite fortunate for me as I started calling my 'artistic self' miss nash anyway for university... it hasn't been too much of a faff! - I'm loving your autobiography stuff too - espeically the title pannels and your greytones - they're looking really slick now! We're both making our returns again! (hurrah!) x