Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Thought Bubble one.

Oh yeah, that's right. I went to Thoughtbubble. And I draw comics, I thought I'd start a mini from that weekend! Here's my first page.

Oh yeah, and I met SO many cool people, and bought SO many comics and got SO very drunk.

It's really sad, but it was rather a big deal for me. 

Oh my god I was on such a comedown when I started work yesterday.


  1. Oh cool so was I. It was my first year behind a stall instead of just visiting. Did you have a stall or where you just visiting? I would thoroughly recommend getting one if not!
    It was such a great weekend and I had such a downer as well. Comics are a good high!

  2. I was just visiting this time, I've booked a stall for March's London Small press and Comics expo - so I picked up tips and advice and spent SO MUCH money on comics and drinks! Have much success? x