Tuesday, 21 December 2010

So little time.

So many times I find myself apologizing on here for not updating. WELL. I've been drawing comics, but I don't think they've been good enough, especially as I've been trying to get enough together to do my first print run... And as most probably know (and from what I've learnt through deadlines) there's NEVER enough time! I'm a stickler for quality in my own work, and I'm pulling my finger out now that I've finished my christmas shopping - I've got new pens and Board, and I'm going to re-draw my thought bubble pages ready for printing! wish me luck! I'll be doing a huge post in the new year! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! xxxx

Friday, 10 December 2010

My Labors of Love

Yes, I know I disappeared again, and what with all the promise of comics from thought bubble (don't fret! they're still being drawn!) I thought I'd just post some photos of what's been sucking my time from me recently - I wanted to share the awesome! I was asked by one of the school houses I work in to create a couple of photo backgrounds for the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Themed Formal...
 So... this one took me 25 hours over a week (as well as working full time) This was hung above the year 11's table - and may possibly be bought by the photographer (fingers crossed I could do with some cash!)
 This one took me 33 hours over a week. OH MY GOD it was a bit of an epic task. also consider that I was only giver poster paint. (POSTER PAINT!?!) to use and that I also had to create the canvas myself by nailing a huge bit of fabric to a board and then prime it... I haven't included those hours... If you can't tell what it is, it's our own design on the edible room in Willy Wonka's factory!
And the sweetie tree! I didn't make this, but I stuck all the quality street to it!? lol. I just thought that it looked lovely :) The kids bought me a massive bouquet of floweres to say thank you and I had a blast! So yes, I am alive and more photos/comics will be coming soon!