Tuesday, 22 May 2012

MCM expo!

(click for a larger Image!) So yes! I have a table (EXCITED!) And Simon's coming with me too, so it'll be interesting for him to see me in my natural environment! I'm pretty much there now, just trying to make some more prints but I think I'm too limited on time! Oh well! If you're about in London this week, definitely Cosplayers ly come and check this out! :D Lots of will be about! Woo! Fancy dress! - I'll maybe have to sort something out for next year!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Expo offerings!

 Here's some of what I'll be offering at MCM expo! 

 Personal Goals - a autobio zine/comic. I've been trying to loosen up - so it's more spontaneous and mostly about things I want to attempt....
My First Thought Bubble - A comic that has taken me too long! It's not even that long! But there are some beautiful illustrations and it really captures my experience that weekend.

AND. More goody bags! This includes, Two mini comics, a business card, sticker, badge and some sweeties!

I'm super excited, but as of yet, I have no-where to stay come that weekend. *Hotel Fail* Need help. But at least I'm organized in another way!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

sneak peak

Click picture for a larger image. I thought I'd let you see the comic that is now over two years overdue. I thought that it was only fitting to show this page as I'm now 23. Whoops. Long over due. Oh well. Should be ready in the next two weeks... :S Introducing Marc Ellerby and John Cei Douglas.