Friday, 24 August 2012

Guess what it's...

OH DEAR. Apologies about the quality of this scan, but I've not got access to anything better. (I'm missing photoshop terribly now) Just thought I'd try and make sense of things via comics again. It's always helped before, so I think I should try and make a return to it. I miss it so. In a funny place right now, but there are positives. HOPEFULLY I'll be able to just draw comics about everything again instead of how down I'm feeling, I'm in the mood to do a watercolour tonight So I might post that on Tumblr (I caved) later. Hope you're all ok, sorry it's been so long. x 


  1. Whoa. Lots of big changes. I'm glad you're doing well and I look forward to more comics. :D

  2. Thanks Matt, :) It's wonderful to know that there is a support network here, and drawing is just such a good way to distract/process/express everything :) xxx

  3. Hope you're okay, *big hug*.
    From a concerned fan of your work (rather than a creepy stalker). :)