Monday, 3 December 2012

Albie's Rock and Roll Mix tape

I was asked very nicely for the use of this drawing as an ad in a Zine (apologies I cannot remember the name of it) for a podcast. I like what has been done with it - it works with the feel of what it's all about, which is very DIY-esk. Really enjoyed the podcast (I went and subscribed to it!) its good (at least to me) grungy/punk rock music - and is like the stuff I use to listen to in college - Nice for my drawing mindset at times when I'm trying to reach the mountain of deadlines I've got on at the moment! There's a wonderful shout out to me for using my image, and some of my drawings have been made into a slideshow. Watching my 2012 hourly comics from this year with music is a wonderful/weird feeling. It's cool to see it with a soundtrack, it's just funny because what I was drawing then feels like a life time ago now. 

I'm getting the internet on Wednesday. Promises of regular updates to follow *I swear*.